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The Saint and Sinner palette by Kat Von D is a limited version product similar to the crackers that Sephora released for Christmas in Europe. The Saint and Sinner palette has 24 shades inspired by windows and stained-glass windows of the Gothic churches. They have three types of finishes: metallic, pearled and matt, as for the first impression from this pallette, we can know why the stocks of this product ran out.

Saint & Sinner-Kat Von D

The packaging is very characteristic of the brand, the arabesques and typography is designed and hand-drawn by Kat herself. The look and feel of the product is stunning, it has  the typical shape of a Gothic church, the 24 shades are divided into 12 for Saint and 12 for sinner, following the concept with special names for each category. Two mirrors and a lock with magnets complete the overall aspect of this palette.

Saint & Sinner-Kat Von D

The shades for each category of Saint & Sinner are the following:


Absolution, Worship , Immaculate , Chalice, Sacred Heart, Amen, Sanctuary, Heaven, Crucifix, Cathedral, Rosary, Baptism


Saint – Kat Von D


Rapture, Sabbath, Ashes, Martyr, Devil, Revelation, Vestment , Ministry,  Exodus, Exorcism, Relic, Stigmata

Saint & Sinner-Kat Von D

Sinner – Kat Von D

The Saint and Sinner palette by Kat Von is pigmented and creamy. The selection of shades is very complete, we can create multiple looks from a daily one to a night one or fantasy version. The metallic and pearled shades have a very lumineux finished. But be careful while blending the glitter or metallic colors, if you are looking for a very metallic look, it would be better to work it with a pearled color first and finishing with the glitter ones.

Saint & Sinner-Kat Von D

The fact that Kat Von D continues with the defense of cruelty free / Vegan make-up and the luxury quality of her products are reasonable reasons to keep investing on this palette.

For these pics, I’m wearing Ashes, Exodus, Vestment, Immaculate et Relic

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