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The crazy beauty trends from 2017 were all over social media, especially on Instagram which is a dynamic window to showcase and find various styles of make-up, fashion, and beauty in general. 2017 was a year of experimentation, creativity, and exaggeration. 

Crazy beauty trends 2017

The increase of bloggers, vloggers, and beauty “Gurus” in social media make a very funny and creative competition. First of all, we saw trends which had begun a few years ago to have more exposure in 2017, a sample of this would be the strobing technique, the exaggerated lips or the charcoal applied in different beauty recipes. We also attended the birth of new ones like the various shapes of eyebrows.In  here you will find some of the most striking of 2017:

Funny eyebrows: Tendances folles 2017

The obsession of Instagram for eyebrows is very obvious, since the creation of the instabrow, a perfect, defined and degraded eyebrow, people experimented new shapes and ways to showcase their eyebrows. Moreover, in August 2017 the Wavybrow, an eyebrow of a wavy shape became viral, later other crazy trends appeared as the feathered brow or the braided brow.

Strobing and Glow: Tendances folles 2017

This year the biggest make-up brands battled to have the most incandescent highlighter on the market. We thought that this trend had an expiration date in 2016, but it actually became more popular in 2017.

Tendances folles 2017

Eyelids: we started to see little drawings on eyelids as a part of the finished make-up, taking the shape of cats, fruits, etc. In high couture, we observed abstract and geometric forms like the ones used by Versus Versace in their collection of autumn-winter.

Tattooed freckles: in February, many women shared their tattoos, as a representation of natural freckles on their faces. Some of them, even made them in various colors, as a rainbow of freckles.

Plumped lips: social networks show how easy is to change the size of lips with injections of acid hyaluronic.

The mask of charcoal and glue: Tendances folles 2017

Finally, the trend to make cleaning masks with charcoal and non-toxic glue became very popular, in such a degree as a challenge on YouTube was created. People filmed removing their masks, screaming in pain. Experts indicated that this method was too abrasive for the skin and not advisable.

On the other hand, the use of the charcoal in various natural masks can provide several benefits for the skin…

So, what do you think of these crazy beauty trends from 2017? Do you think some of them are ridiculous? What will be the new trends of 2018?

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