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The activated Wood charcoal, is now used in many ways: as teeth whitening, as a cleaner for the skin or for its détox effects….

Then after the clay, is charcoal the new miracle product?

It is true that charcoal has been used for a very long time in beauty care, particularly for its pigments which we can find in mascaras and make up pencils.

But today it is much more the activated wood charcoal that is been used, most of the time stemming from wood of coconut.

Activated charcoal

The latter is obtained by a process of “double stoking” making it extremely porous and thus endowed with a strong power of absorption.

A very interesting power for the impurities of the skin like sebum, pollution or even the smoke by cigarette!

So, I tested a bag of activated charcoal that I bought on Amazon for approximately 14 euros. Attention has to reserve for combination skin in fat because the absorbent action(share) is really very strong. I wanted to test another recipe, but without the glue:).

This mask was effective for cleaning my skin. Watch out, to remove the mask it will be necessary to let it dry on your skin, so you can remove it with soap, water and the help of cotton. The coal will cleanse your pores while the coconut oil will hydrate them.

Activated charcoal for teeth:

the second product which I wanted to test was a powder of coconut coal and Cinnamon which would be supposed to whiten my teeth.

Activated charcoal

This product is in the form of a black, very fine powder in a jar (difficult to measure correctly on the toothbrush!).

The aspect is surprising and in spite of the packaging quoting a coconut / cinnamon taste, it didn’t have any of it . As for the whitening effect, I do not see specially improvement, I think that this illusion is due to the fact that the powder being black, it colors slightly the gum, making the teeth look lighter.

I do not find neither my teeth smoother, the powder is so fine that I doubt it has a polishing effect.

In brief, for 12 euros on amazon, I find that a bit expensive for a limited utility.

In conclusion, I can only recommend you the activated charcoal but not for all the uses , for a more or less frequent mask to take care of your skin, it can be helpful as a vacuum cleaner of impurities, but for the rest of the uses it was not very effective for me.


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