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#Lipstories and Mattemoiselle by Sephora and  Fenty Beauty are everywhere on social media. Both of them are targeted for different budgets but with the same objective: be the lipstick that is creamy, original, pigmented, and with a long-lasting finish. 

Illustration #Lipstories et Mattemoiselle

#Lipstories et Mattemoiselle

Are the Lipstories and Mattemoiselle Lipsticks the products to buy at the beginning of year?

For finding the answer, we tested both products:

#Lipstories et Mattemoiselle

Lipstories, lipsticks with 3 different types of finish:

To begin with, as we have already indicated, the #Lipstories line has some very original characteristics, first of all, the concept which is attached to Hashtags and social networks, mainly Instagram. Every shade has a different packaging which looks like the photos of journeys or lifestyle thematic that are shared on this platform. Furthermore, besides being attractive, the packaging is eco-responsible. With 40 shades in the United States and 30 in France, they are divided into 3 categories: Cream, metal, and mat.

We tested :

  • #Lipstories – 13 Coconut grove -Metal-Métal
  • #Lipstories – 19 Street style -Cream-Satiné
  • #Lipstories – 32 Berry-Licious -Cream-Satiné
  • #Lipstories – 35 Take a bite -Matte-Mat

We can see the differences between these shades :

#Lipstories swatches

Its texture is a little bit fine, we can feel the power of hydration and it is necessary to work colors with attention to have a uniform look. For the metal, it is necessary to insist a little to accomplish the desired color. All the shades have a pleasant fragrance.

Mattemoiselle, the new lipstick by Rihanna with some original colors: 

We also talked about Mattemoiselle, a long-lasting mat lipstick with a very original selection of colors that cover some classics ones but also ones of the most originals like blue, purple and green.

We tested:

  • Ma’damn (Royal red)
  • Spanked (Dusty rose)

Mattemoiselle swatches

I have to admit that for the price I thought I was getting a bigger product, it is indeed a mini-lipstick size format and it can be a little bit hard to work with if we are not used to, but after, it becomes easy to apply. Its texture is very thick and ultra pigmented. It will be necessary to pay a particular attention to the lip contour because its texture does not get into the small details, we can begin with a brush or make a contour with a crayon and after fill in with Mattemoiselle. It transfers a little, but less than regular lipstick. The coverage is immediate and we can perceive the “High end” aspect.

We can compare the mats from both brands:

#Lipstories et Mattemoiselle swatches

To conclude, #Lipstories and  Mattemoiselle offer positive results, the advantage of rapport quality-price goes to #Lipstories, for 8,95 euros allows you to test different colors and finishes. 

But if you would like to wear a color all day long, Mattemoiselle is the indicated. You won’t need to retouch it many times during the day and the pigment is very strong. 

You can find the #Lipstories and Mattemoiselle lipsticks at Sephora stores and the site of Fenty Beauty

Did you try these lipsticks? Tell me!!

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